Global Partnership Initiated Biosecurity Academia for Controlling Health Threats (GIBACHT)
Global Partnership Initiated Biosecurity Academiafor Controlling Health Threats(GIBACHT)

Workshops for second cohort

The second GIBACHT cohort consists of 16 fellows from Egypt, Ethiopia,
Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Iraq, Iran, Jemen, Nigeria, Morocco,
Pakistan, Sudan and Tunesia. After 3 months e-learning preparations all
fellows met in the last January week 2016 at the Bernhard Nocht
Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg, Germany. The workshops were continued in April with a one week meeting at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. The upcoming third workshop will be held in Kampala, Uganda.

Fellows during a simulated press conference in a scenario exercise.

GIBACHT fellows are professionals from biosecurity and biosafety
relevant fields and the workshop built on this experience using
interactive methods that allow not only learning from lecturers, but
also learning from each other and learning by doing. Apart from
classical biosecurity & biosafety topics such as outbreak prevention and
containment, the workshop touched upon issues that are not within the
everyday's work of Public Health professionals such as dual use issues
in research or on topics that are part of daily work in pertinent
discipline, but urgently require backup trainings such as sample
packaging and shipping. As part of the GIBACHT fellowship pertinent case
studies will be developed that can be used to train others in the
biosecurity & biosafety relevant scenarios.


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