Global Partnership Initiated Biosecurity Academia for Controlling Health Threats (GIBACHT)
Global Partnership Initiated Biosecurity Academiafor Controlling Health Threats(GIBACHT)

General and specific objectives

GIBACHT is an educational programme established and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. The training programme focuses on threats and risks conferred by biological agents and bioweapons and their successful prevention and control.


The specific objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide basic understanding and training in control of infectious diseases and the management of biohazards,
  • To intensify and sustain international co-operation in the fields of biosafety, biosecurity and the prevention and management of epidemics,
  • To strengthen national and local centres for infectious disease epidemiology and management, biosafety and biosecurity.


Expected proficiency acquired through completion of the programme includes:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of selected infectious agents and transmission, including treatment and prevention,
  • Sampling and safe handling of biological specimens and potentially hazardous materials,
  • Utilisation of adequate epidemiological tools,
  • Managing infectious disease outbreak scenarios,
  • Surveillance and contact tracing,
  • Containment measures, including personal security and community protection,
  • Knowledge of international health regulations,
  • Communication management under disaster or extreme conditions.
  • Knowledge on how to develop and utilize a case study on biosafety/biosecurity as a training tool
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